BlueHarvest 5.5.6

Prevent DS_Store and .Trash files littering your Mac


  • Installs discreetly as a preference pane
  • Simple and Advanced mode


  • Only necessary for those that transfer between Macs and PCs a lot

Very good

If you transfer files a lot between a Mac and PC - say if you're using Parallels - then you'll have noticed the annoying DS_Store or .Trash files that appear all the time.

While they don't actually take-up any space on your machine, they clutter your hard drive, serve no use and in the worst scenarios, can actually affect how your Mac works. BlueHarvest offers two ways of taking care of these unwanted transfer files. It installs as a preference pane and offers two viewing modes - Simple and Advanced. In Simple mode all you need to do is select which drive you'd like to keep clean, be it Startup Disk, Non Mac Disk or File Servers that you want to keep clean.

For more experienced users there is an Advanced preference view in BlueHarvest, which allows you to specify in detail which areas you want to keep clean. This is aimed more at those connected to several drives or servers though and for most general users, the simple view will do everything they need. It's great knowing that, with no further action needed on your part, these DS_Store files are gone for good.

BlueHarvest is an excellent preference pane-based tool to get rid of unwanted DS_Store and .Trash files left behind after transfers between your Mac and a PC.

Added support for cleaning exFAT volumes. Fixed a bug in zip archive cleaning.


  • Added support for cleaning exFAT volumes. Fixed a bug in zip archive cleaning.

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BlueHarvest 5.5.6

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